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CMX™ is a metallic, ceramic and polymer composite with unusually exceptional physical attributes (see below). In addition to its unmatched hardness and durability, CMX is incredibly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, can withstand extreme temperatures and boasts impressive compression, tensile and flexural strength. CMX can be used as a coating to repair existing infrastructure or in the manufacturing of individual parts and components.

When cured through our proprietary system, final reactions promote the formation of extremely long, silica-reinforced polymer chains; otherwise known as silicon carbide - one of Earth’s hardest combinations of compounds, next to diamond.

Cured CMX is a safe and stable thermoset which is not adversely affected by chemicals, moisture, fire or heat, and resists mildew and mold



  • Hardness: Barcol 80  Moh 9F

  • Compressive Strength: ASTM D-759: 16,000 psi

  • Tensile Strength: ASTM D-307: 9,500 psi

  • Flexural Strength: ASTM D-790: 21,300 psi

  • Modulus of Elasticity: ASTM D-790: 0.9x10e6

  • Coef. of Thermal Expansion: 6.6x10e-5

  • Color: White

  • Cure material Temp Rated: 300F (std VE) 400 F (Novalac)


CMX industrial composite is a versatile material that can be utilized in a variety of applications. Structures, tanks, pipes and fittings can be exponentially reinforced with a relatively thin layer of CMX or can be completely cast of the material.  Existing buildings can be coated or newly built from CMX modular construction panels. . 

Small-scale CMX panelized housing is a perfect fit for high-humidity areas, flood-prone areas and those that experience extreme weather. Panelized housing is a portable, low-cost option for emergency shelters, low-income areas and military.

The same panelized method can be implemented on large-scale CMX structures, including multi-story offices, condominiums, hotels and homes. Structures can be finished to suit any interior and exterior style. 

CMX Modular Housing

CMX Modular Housing

Panelized Housing
a new super-class
of building materials


CMX far outlasts and outperforms concrete, metals and other industrial composites. When cured, CMX is a non-reactive thermoset

that will not crack, degrade, melt or erode.


By teaming up with other industry leaders, amazing new composites are being developed.  One result of such collaborations is the exciting new line of CMX thermoplastics. These revolutionary plastics boast not only superior strength, but abrasion and heat resistance as well. CMX composite replaces up to 90% of the plastic in an assembly and finished products are recyclable. End products can be moulded into shapes, films and laminates with varying degrees of flexibility.

CMX Thermoplastics coming soon.