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The team behind N2N has been developing novel surface coatings for over 30 years. 

Standing fast to our clean, green & eco-responsible commitment, we have been able to create a slough of revolutionary sanitizers, disinfectants and protectants that carry no odors and pose minimal risk to the environment.

N2N protectants have been specially created for use on skin, fabrics, plants and other inanimate surfaces, including food contact surfaces. The products are easy to use and leave no residue while remaining active and in place on surfaces for hours, days or even weeks (depending on product and application method).

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New Perspectives

We examine all angles and welcome ideas of all kinds when problem solving, even if it goes against status quo. Remaining flexible and open with a willingness to consider anything [no matter how wild the idea may seem] drives our fluid engineering process and is fundamental to our ingenuity.

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New Tricks 

We thrive on repurposing and re-engineering our own materials and methods to create better, safer and more sustainable products. Our best inventions have been from  turning our already really good materials and solutions into new, incredible products. We never give up on the old dogs!



D-FENZ is capable of providing disinfecting protection on the wide array of surfaces found in and around healthcare settings. Unlike chemical-heavy cleaners and disinfectants, D-FENZ products deliver premium performance without causing surface degradation, introducing harsh fumes or harming skin - even with repeated use.


Achieve the platinum standard in hospitality cleanliness by treating all surfaces & textiles with D-FENZ products. With superior protection & no unpleasant odors, rooms, suites, conference facilities etc can be quickly treated during turnover. The versatile product suite cleans and offers long lasting protection on glass, fixtures, wood & floors.


The gentle & fragrance free D-FENZ product line is the ultimate choice in protection for the home. With a lasting yet streak-free finish, it's the perfect choice for fixtures, counters, windows, glass, ceramics and more. Protects all surfaces in your home against bacteria, mold & mildew for days, weeks or months at a time.

Hedge Defense shields plants from harmful rays, destructive mites and aphids, leaf rust, mildew and other hard-to-combat plant diseases. Hedge leaves no trace residue, is as safe as water and allows for plants to be organically certified post harvest. Plan and simple - Plants Like It!


Schools, airline cabins, train stations, libraries and other common publicly shared spaces are under constant attack by pathogenic microbes. By coating with D-FENZ, surfaces can be negated as suitable breeding grounds for bacteria, causing a significant reduction in opportunities for cross-surface-contamination.


Treat personal kit, team equipment, locker rooms, common facilities, and even artificial turf with the D-FENZ product suite to safeguard athletes and fans. Eliminate unpleasant odors while protecting your athletes and gear against germs with the most elite form of antimicrobial available.

Buildings, bridges and structures receive an exponential boost in strength, durability and life expectancy when coated with CMX. Tunnels, wells, metal pipes and tanks can be easily coated on the inside or out.

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Products, extracts & medicines derived from N2N protected plants surpass standards for safety & excellence. Post-harvest & final product testing reveal no trace contaminants in all residual testing categories. 

Pumps, pipes and fittings cast or coated with CMX are revolutionizing the Oil & Gas Industry.. Superior durability & abrasion resistance safeguards the environment from leakage while drastically minimizing downtime. 

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