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Innovation through Curiosity

Prevention Focused 

We look for extraordinary in the ordinary and clues in  nature 

to build clever & sustainable solutions that stop problems before they occur.

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For General Surfaces

Inanimate surfaces coated with D-FENZ products are able to stay cleaner, longer. Offering lasting protection after the surface is dry, D-FENZ products stand apart from other wet-only solutions. Pair with disinfectants or use alone to heighten cleanliness.

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For Human Skin

D-FENZ Hand Sanitizer is a powerful, alcohol-free sanitizer that persists on skin for up to 4 hours at a time. The soothing foam formula carries no odor, does not sting and will not crack or dry skin even with repeated applications. D-FENZ Hand Sanitizer continues to protect skin even after product dries, unlike alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers.

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For Plants

Plants treated regularly with Hedge Natural Defense Plant Protectant are able to withstand infestation from small chewing and nuisance insects such as mites and thrips, as well as resist infections from devastating crop disease such as Powdery Mildew and Downy Mildew. Plant Protectant helps plants maximize solar energy for maximum production. Leaves no trace residue and safe for organic growing.

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For Industrial Surfaces

Astronomically increase structural integrity, strength, flexibility and heat resistance by coating surfaces with CMx permanent protectant. CMx extends the life and durability of existing surfaces and can be infused into production processes to improve newly manufactured products.  CMx is an inert thermoset, and coated or infused products are not susceptible to chemical degradation.

Cement Pipes
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